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Bishop's Message


‘The hearts of those who know Jesus and those who met Christ would bubble with the JOY of the Gospel’. Thus the Holy Father Francis begins his Apostolic Exhortation ‘Evangelii Gaudium’. All believers in Christ are called to proclaim utilizing all the forums and Media. All personnel engaged in Evangelization and all institutions as instruments should well up with the Joy of the Gospel. Warangal diocese has good many institutions and many of them are social institutions. As we all know they were funded and founded for the cause of Evangelization. First and foremost ‘are all Church-run institutions centers of Evangelization? But are they centres of Catholic faith embodying Jesus’ compassion? Or are they structures of prestige, power, authority, money, etc.? How are our educational or medical institutions different from those of secular natured? It is time to reflect whether the structures and the personnel involved in running them are instruments of evangelization? “Go into the whole world and preach the gospel to the whole creation” (Mk 16: 15) is the missionary Commission of Jesus. Evangelii Gaudium (The Joy of the Gospel = Sumatra Amanda) of the Holy Father Francis gives a clarion call to reflect and see ‘how much the personnel working in these institutions are evangelizers and how joyful are they? How much joyful and joy-filled witnesses especially the priests and the religious of these institutions are? Do the people who avail these services experience the joy of the Gospel? In the missionary command the phrases ‘the whole world’ and ‘the whole creation’ should be underlined. Thus we are called to evangelize not only the whole people but the whole creation. Therefore, we need evangelize even the places, transforming the institutional spaces into sacred spaces. Our institutions are open for men and women of good will, irrespective of religion, race and ideology. Evangelization is not proselytizing, many times the Church asserted. Proclamation is Church’s mission and conversion is God’s and wherever and whenever people would like to convert themselves, we invite them gladly. But Evangelization goes beyond with an invitation to actualize the kingdom of God, joining hands with people of all faiths in inter-religious dialogue and ideologies of non-faiths in dialogue, all in search of truth. Thus evangelization begins with human concerns like literacy, education, healing, serving, etc. It was Jesus’ way and thus it became a movement and indeed, a revolution, and not a mere religion! Jesus Christ is a multi faceted personality. He was the messenger and the message. He taught the truth, freed people from satanic and physical illnesses, loved all especially the An evaluation version of novaPDF was used to create this PDF file. Purchase a license to generate PDF files without this notice.and means to proclaim the Joyful Christ and his Joy-filled message. Our approach in these institutions cannot be mere pragmatic or utilitarian oriented but be and run from the perspective of Jesus, i.e., Godcentered and people-oriented. In and through all our institutions, we need to present Jesus as JOYFUL Teacher, Healer, Social activist and much more than that i.e. ‘Jesus is Saviour from all evils of this world in order to establish Daiva Rajya or Dharma Rajya.

Think Global and act local: Good bye to 2013 and welcome to 2014.

What is new in yet another year? It is the hope of humans for betterment of oneself, society and the world at large! First day of the New Year is celebrated with religious, cultural, and social observances around the world. The liturgy does not place emphasis on New Year’s Day but on the Solemnity of the Mother of God. Yet the traditional practice of ‘thanksgiving services before midnight and also celebrating the Holy Mass' inviting the New Year are observed in many places. It's practices are usually marked by rites and ceremonies that symbolize casting off the old year and rejoicing in the new. Most of the world recognizes January 1 as the start of a new year because the Gregorian calendar, from its papal origin in 1582, has become the international reference for treaties, corporate contracts, and other legal documents. Nevertheless, numerous religious and national calendars have been retained. For example, the Persian calendar, Islamic calendar, the Hindu new year, the Hebrew calendar and the Jewish New Year's Day, the Telugu New year Ugadi and so on. Since the world has become a global village, let us ‘think global and act local’. Ecclesially let us be with the universal Church and act for the Church in Warangal.