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Bishop's Message

“You shall know the Truth and the Truth will set you Free” ( Jn 8:32):

The postmodern world has over-emphersized and widely advertised the importance of the individual. With this wide publicity, we see how subjectivity and self-righteousness have appropriated truth in human especially in priestly interactions. When we come together in search of the ultimate truth, we, as individuals cannot evolve as effectively as is possible by collective search. Satsang is the essence of the saying ‘the whole is indeed greater than the sum of its parts’

Satsang literally means: Sat is true and Sang is Company. Its deeper meaning could be defined ‘Company of the highest Truth’. It could be described also as ‘Being in the company of people who talk about the Highest Truth, being in the company of truly enlightened people, ‘listening to people talking about the higher power’ and so on. It is to be aware and speak/act according to our true nature, created in the image and likeness of God (Gen 1:27). The word Sat derives from satya, or truth, and sang comes from sangha, meaning community or gathering. Understanding this, it is noted that not every coming together constitutes satsang. Likewise, simply hanging out with like minded people isn’t satsang either. Religions like Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity teach that the highest truth is beyond the truth of the Individual, Gender, Ethnicity, Politics and Religion.

The present world supports Exclusiveness, Selectivism, Materialism, Consumerism and Conflict. Groups come together with the underlying intention of becoming exclusive. Today, most people understand exclusivity as superiority, but at its root the word ‘exclusive’ can be defined as that which is private, limited and restricted.

To come together in truth means to place the higher ideals of the collective before the importance of one’s own agenda. It also means coming together with those who share common aims, regardless of personal affinities. Much of the soul searching we do as individuals helps to bridge the gap between people who would otherwise share little common ground. When we start to remove the stuff of the ego, our personal preferences and our attachment to our smaller emotions, we can begin to connect with one another on a whole different level. We can be in satsang with people we don’t like, with people who think differently, with people who never think and still love the part of them that seeks the truth.

As humans we obviously cannot confront this fallen and broken world alone. It takes no great insight to realize that we have no choice but to think together and deliberate together in groups and communities. Therefore, the need of the priests of the diocese of Warangal for a satsang, to speak truth and act love!