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    Commission for Evangelization and Proclamation

  1. Fr. D. Joseph
  2. Fr. Allam Inna
  3. Fr. A. Prakash
  4. Fr. G. Kamal

    Commission for Catechetics

  1. Fr. M. Jaya Paul
  2. Fr. A. Vincent
  3. Fr. G. Chinnapu reddy (Jr)

    Commission for Family

  1. Fr. Y. Chinnappa
  2. Fr. Y. Inna
  3. Fr. Y. Thomas Kiran
  4. Fr. Y. Satish

    Commission for Liturgy

  1. Fr. A. Bala
  2. Fr. S. Inna
  3. Fr. Gopu Suresh
  4. Fr. G. Naveen

    Commission for Education

  1. Fr. B. Prakash
  2. Fr. D. Vijaya Paul
  3. Fr. R. Inna
  4. Fr. T. Augustine
  5. Fr. T. Joseph

    Commission for Bible

  1. Fr. D. Raja
  2. Fr. P. Prakash
  3. Fr. Thomas

    Commission for S.C.C

  1. Fr. D. Joseph (Ex-Officio)
  2. Fr. M. Anand
  3. Fr. Y. Papi Reddy
  4. Fr. T. Anthony
  5. Fr. T. Sunil

    Commission for S.C. - S.T. - B.C.

  1. Fr. K. Vijay Kumar
  2. Fr. T. Jerome
  3. Fr. N. Surender
  4. Fr. G. Prashanth

    Commission for Vocations, Seminaries, Clergy and Religious

  1. Fr. A. Raja
  2. Fr. G. Sudhakar
  3. Fr. T. Yaga Reddy
  4. Fr. T. Vijay Manohar

    Commission for Health

  1. Fr. Y. Joji
  2. Fr. P. John Paul
  3. Fr. G. Prakash
  4. Fr. S. Prabhakar

    Commission for Youth

  1. Fr. Polumari Anil
  2. Fr. N. Vinod
  3. Fr. B. J. Praveen
  4. Fr. A. Sravan

    Commission for Labour, Justice & Peace

  1. Fr. D. Prashanth
  2. Fr. G. Bala Martin
  3. Fr. E. Vijay

    Commission for Women

  1. Fr. S. Bala Showry
  2. Fr. Y. Lourdu
  3. Fr. N. Bala Swamy
  4. Fr. Gangarapu Suresh

    Commission for Ecumenism

  1. Fr. Gali Rayappa
  2. Fr. G. Rayappa
  3. Fr. D. Sudhakar
  4. Fr. S. Shoban

    Commission for Social Communications

  1. Fr. Y. Kiran Kumar
  2. Fr. B. Kishore
  3. Fr. G. Thomas Reddy
  4. Fr. K. Joseph

    Commission for Laity

  1. Fr. P. Raja
  2. Fr. N. Maria Joseph
  3. Fr. P. Suresh