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As per Canon 502:the following menbers are elected / appointed to the Warangal Diocesan Presbyteral Council:

1 Rev.Fr.Singareddy Inna Reddy Ex-officio,Chancellor / Secretary
2 Rev.Fr.Boyapati Leeno Nominated,Social Sevices
3 Rev.Fr.Basani Prakash Nominated
4 Rev.Fr.Singareddy Balashowry Elected,Senior group
5 Rev.Fr.Pudota Chinnaiah Nominated
6 Rev.Fr.Annapareddy Raja Elected,Senior group
7 Rev.Fr.Dasari Joseph Nominated,Pastoral Services
8 Rev.Fr.Gali Rayappa Elected,Fathimanagar Deanary
9 Rev.Fr.Ambati Bala Elected,Ghanpur Deanary
10 Rev.Fr.Thirumalareddy Augustine Elected,Middle Aged group
11 Rev.Fr.Duggimpudi Vijayapaul Elected,Middle Aged group
12 Rev.Fr.Madanu Jayapaul Nominated
13 Rev.Fr.Golamari Bala Martin Nominated,Scholarship Services
14 Rev.Fr.Golamari Sudhakar Nominated,Properties Services
15 Rev.Fr.Polisetti Innaiah OFM.Cap. Elected,Religious
16 Rev.Fr.Joseph Jyothish,IMS Nominated
17 Rev.Fr.Gade Prakash Elected,Karimnagar Deanary
18 Rev.Fr.Singareddy Shobhan Nominated
19 Rev.Fr.Thirumalreddy Pradeep Elected,Junior group
20 Rev.Fr.Basani kishore Elected,Junior group
21 Rev.Fr.Gopu Thomas Elected,Ookal Deanary
22 Rev.Fr.Chapala Gabriel MF Elected,Religious
23 Rev.Fr.Macherla Raju Nominated