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Bishop Alphonsus Beretta, PIME

The First Shepherd of Warangal Diocese

: 26-12-1934
Ordained Priest




Consecrated Bishop of Hyderabad


Appointed the Ist Bishop of Warangal :


Taken charge of the Diocese


Retired : December, 1985
Died at Karunapuram


Buried in Fatima Cathedral

: 25-05-1998

Bishop Alphonsus Beretta,

(The First Shepherd of Warangal Diocese)

Msgr. Alphonsus Beretta was born on 26th December 1911 in Brugherio, North Italy. He entered PIME (Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions) Seminary at Monza in 1928 to dedicate his life for missionary work. He was ordained priest for PIME on 22nd September, 1934. He came to India on 6th September 1935. He served as a Pastor in different Parishes of Hyderabad Diocese like Brahmanapalli in Mahabubnagar District, St. Mary’s Church, Secunderabad, Dornakal in Warangal District.

He was elected as the Vicar Capitular (Administrator) of the Diocese of Hyderabad in April 1948. He was consecrated Bishop of Hyderabad on 8th April, 1951 in Brugherio, Italy at the age of 39.

He was transferred from Hyderabad and was appointed the first Bishop of new Missionary Diocese of Warangal on 22 December 1952. He took charge of the Diocese of Warangal on May13, 1953. His vision and mission was catechetical and pastoral as that of St. Francis Xavier. With tremendous pastoral Zeal, he travelled far and wide tirelessly for the growth of the Mission in the four Civil Districts of Warangal, Karimnagar, Nalgonda and Khammam. The poor and needy had a special place in his kind heart. Simplicity, Humility, Kindness, Holiness and great Missionary Zeal have been his ornaments. After 33 years of his very committed & dedicated ministry, service as Bishop of Warangal, he retired in December 1985. For the rest of his life, he stayed at Karunapuram, helping Fr. A. Colombo in his parish for masses both in the Institutions and Villages, instructions, administering other sacraments like baptisms confessions, marriages, helping in up-dating the Parish Registers, etc. He entered into the joy of his heavenly Master on 23rd May 1998 at Karunapuram. He was buried in Fatima Cathedral in the side-wing of Fatima Mata.