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Reconstitution of the Diocesan Tribunal

According to the canons 1420 and 1421§1 with the necessary dispensation and approval from 'Supermo Tribunal della Segnatura Apostolica' I, the Bishop of warangal and the judge at first instance of the diocese of warangal appoint the following members for a period of of 5 years from 1st of June 2014 to 31st of May,2019.

Judicial Vicar : Rev.Fr.Yetukuti Thomas Kiran,MCL
Defender of the Bond : Rev.Fr.Thatikonda Joseph,MCl
Judges :

Rev.Fr.Singareddy Bala Showry

: Rev.Fr.A.Anthony Swamy,SVD
: Rev.Fr.Thumma Yaga Reddy
Advocates : Dr.Prathap Reddy,M.S
: Mr.Prasangi,LLB
: Rev.Fr.Jyothis IMS
: Rev.Fr.Pasala Anthony
Notary : Rev.Fr.Yeruva Lourdu Rddy M.S(