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As per Canon 502:the following menbers are elected / appointed to the Warangal Diocesan Presbyteral Council:

Diocesan Priests:
1 Group – I (from 1958-90) Fr. A. Raja, Fr. R. Inna
1 Group – II (from 1991-99) Fr. T. Augustine, Fr. A. Bala
2 Group – III (From 2000-2009) Fr. T. Kiran, Fr. G. Naveen
3 Group – IV (From 2010- 2018) Fr. T. Ashok, Fr. E. Vijay
4 Group – V (Religious Priests) Fr. P. Chinnu, OFM Cap, Fr. N. Ravi Prashanth, MSFS
From Deaneries:
1 Fatimanagar Deanery Rev. Fr. P. Raja (standby Rev. Fr. Gali Rayappa)
2 Jangaon Deanery Rev. Fr. N. Maria Joseph (standby Rev. Fr. G. Chinnappa)
3 Karimnagar Deanery Rev. Fr. D. Prashanth (Standby Rev. Fr. B. J. Praveen)
4 Karunapuram Deanery Rev. Fr. K. Showreddy (Standby Rev. Fr. D. Jayaprathap)
5 Mahabubabad Deanery Rev. Fr. Y. Bala (Standby Rev. Fr. A. Shravan)
6 Ookal Deanery Rev. Fr. A. Vincent (Standby Rev. Fr. G. Ranjith)
7 Ex officio Fr. K. Joseph, Chancellor; Fr. G. Kamal, Pastoral Centre Director, Fr. Joshua, M.S.C, CRI President